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List of New 12.25" Regina Discs

Price: $54.45 per disc [ see list of discs below.]

Shipped USPS First Class
Inquire for insurance or international shipping.

Additional Music, [ANYTHING!] , may be requested.

[as of January 31, 2017]

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Cat. #Title
12132R12Die Moldau
12131R12Pachelbel Canon
12130R12Tangle Foot Rag
12128R12Jingle Bells - after Lloyd Kelley
12126R12Jolly Old St. Nicholas/Jingle Bells
12125R12Grand Ole Flag
12124R12Stars & Stripes Forever
12123R12Harp Concerto Handel
12122R12Chopin Polonaise
12121R12Watch On The Rhine
12119R12Silent Night - adapted from Lloyd Kelley Disc
12118R12Adeste Fidelis - adapted from Lloyd Kelley Disc
12115R12Marriage of Figaro Overture Part 1
12114R12Bahn Frei
12113R12Harmonious Blacksmith
12112R12Brandenburg Concerto #5
12110R12Frog Legs Rag - James Scott
12109R12Barcarolle - Tales of Hoffman
12106R12Das Deutschlandlied
12105R12Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba
12001R12Schubert's Serenade
12002R12La Traviata Brindisi
12003R12Winter Largo Four Seasons Vivaldi
12004R12Sonata No. 5 ("Spring") 1st mvt. Beethoven
12005R12Romance No. 2 Beethoven
12006R12Alla Turca Mozart Piano Son. No. 11
12007R12Mollie Darling W. S. Hays
12008R12Eine kleine Nachtmusik Rondo
12009R12Eine kleine Nachtmusik Menuetto
12010R12Eine kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
12011R12Water Music Hornpipe Handel
12012R12Vivaldi Four Seasons Spring
12020R12Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
12083R12Etude No. 3, Opus 10 Chopin
12084R12Brahms Waltz in A flat
12085R12Bach Minuet #3
12086R12Beethoven Minuet in GM Part 1
12087R12Beethoven Minuet in GM Part 2
12088R12Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo Part 1
12089R12Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo Part 2 ver. 1
12090R12Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo Part 2 ver. 2
1000R12Keep on the Sunny Side
1001R12The Easy Winners
1002R12You Are My Sunshine
1003R12The Lion Sleeps Tonight
1004R12Dill Pickles Rag
1005R12Elite Syncopations
1006R12A Breeze from Alabama
1007R12Down By the Riverside

Spring (Four Seasons-Vivaldi)


Carmen (Overture)


William Tell Overture


Alexander's Ragtime Band

1012R12ATMy Queen, Waltz Coote
1015R12ATRoses From the South
1025R12ATA Nest of Finches Longey
1028R12ATStille Nacht, heilige Nacht! Christmas Song Gruber
1039R12ATAve Maria Bach-Gounod
1048R12ATArtist's Life Waltz
1053R12ATMidsummer Night's Dream, Wedding March Mendelssohn
1060R12ATEntry into Paris, March
1066R12ATCadiz, Polka Valverde
1134R12ATVerlassen. Verlassen, Carinthian Song Koschat
1166R12ATNearer, my God, to Thee Mason
1202R12ATVienna March (Vienna for ever) Schrammel
1211R12ATHome Sweet Home Bishop
1212R12ATWashington Post March
1213R12ATSkirt Dance Lutz
1219R12ATDaisy Bell
1253R12ATGlory Hallelujah!
1280R12ATAir From Figaro's Wedding
1306R12ATThe Darkies' Dream Lansing
1307R12ATAnd her Golden Hair was hanging down her Back McGlennon
1309R12ATOld Oaken Bucket Dinsmore
1314R12ATThe Lost Chord Sullivan
1324R12ATI Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
1334R12ATThe Fisher's Hornpipe Gooch
1340R12ATComin' thro' the Rye
1351R12ATFaust, Flower Song Gounod
1368R12ATLondons Bonnie Woods and Brays
1411R12ATBen Bolt Knaass
1413R12ATGondoliers, Dance a Cachucha Sullivan
1438R12ATAnnie Laurie Scott
1451R12ATRastus On Parade
1485R12ATStar Light, Star Bright
1496R12ATUnder the Double Eagle, March J.Wagner
1503R12ATDora Dean
1552R12ATI'll Make Dat Black Girl Mine
1574R12ATThe Girl I Left Behind Me
1575R12ATThe Holy City Adams
1578R12ATYankee Doodle
1579R12ATZenda Waltzs by Whitmark
1586R12ATHappy Days in Dixie March Mills
1590R12ATThe Belle of the Season, Two-step March Bratton
1618R12ATHark! The Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn
1637R12ATOld Black Joe Foster
1655R12ATBreak the News to Mother
1674R12ATMy Honolulu Lady Johnson
1705R12ATTill We Meet Again Waltz
1752R12ATSaviour, Blessed Saviour, Hymn Oakeley
1773R12ATWearing of the Green
1777R12ATThe Blue and the Gray Song Dresser
1799R12ATA Bird in a Gilded Cage Tilzer
1801R12ATThe Sylphs Valse Caprice Bachmann
1811R12ATI Want To Be A Military
1825R12ATMy Lady-Love Johns
1834R12ATTell me, Pretty Maiden (Florodora) Stuart
1835R12ATAbsence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder,Song Dillea
1844R12ATWhen Knighthood was in Flower
1845R12ATIf Time Was Money I'd Be a Millionaire Barrow
1847R12ATThe Colored Major
1860R12ATHoneysuckle and the Bee Penn
1863R12ATHello Central, Give me Heaven Harris
1889R12ATCreole Bells, Ragtime-March Lampe
1890R12ATRobin Hood Waltz
1902R12ATThe College Hornpipe
1903R12ATHearts and Flowers A New Flower Song
1912R12ATWayside Chapel
1921R12ATI've Got My Eyes on You
1975R12ATThe Eminent Doctor Fizz Luders
1980R12ATLazarre Valse Planke
1992R12ATUnder the Bamboo-Tree Cole
8136R12ATDixie Land
8298R12ATLenola Waltz
8575R12ATUnder The Annheuser Bush Song
8624R12ATYale Boola March (P)
10021R12ATOur Director, March Bigelow
10038R12ATIt Was the Dutch Song Mullen
10044R12ATSouthern Smiles March
10049R12ATHunter's Life
10101R12ATTurkey in the Straw Bonnell
10107R12ATYou're as Welcome as the Flowers in May Song Sullivan
10108R12ATMeet Me In St. Louis Louis Song
10155R12ATLittle Moozoo May Song Luders
10178R12ATTeasing, Song Von Tilzer
10185R12ATAlways leave them laughing when you say G.B. Cohan
10196R12ATWe want Teddy for four years more Edwards
10214R12ATAlabama March Two Step
10240R12ATLonesome Song Von Tilzer
10264R12ATA Bit O' Blarney Irish Intermezzo
10279R12ATThe Sweetest Girl in Dixie
10301R12ATYankee Doodle Dandy
10317R12ATLa Vie Parisienne Tyrolienne Offenbach
10342R12ATWhen the Bees Are in the Hive
10419R12ATEverybody Works but Father
10434R12ATGo on Mule, Till I Say Whoa Song
10435R12ATIn Dear Old Georgia, Song
10506R12ATMurphy Song Von Tilzer
10906R12ATBaby Rag Time, Gertrude Cady
11171R12ATThat College Rag
12000R12ATHi Li Hi Lo
12001R12ATWhen the Moon Comes Beaming O'er the Hill Song
12002R12ATFlower Song
12003R12ATThe Tenderfoot Hertz
0001R12AMiserere (Il Trovatore)
0002R12ATannhauser March
1260R12AMy Old Kentucky Home
1288R12AO Tannenbaum [O ChristmasTree]
2008R12AMonastery Bells
2010R12AFreischutz Prayer
2018R12AWon't You Be My Little Girl
2021R12AThe Bells of Corneville
2031R12ABoccaccio March
2042R12AThe Somnambule
2058R12ALittle Alabama Coon
2068R12AHigh School Cadets
2086R12AThe Campbells are Coming
2091R12AFuneral March Chopin
2099R12ASoldier's Chorus from Faust
2108R12ALa Paloma
2109R12AThe Barber of Seville
2115R12AOberon Barcarolle
2117R12ACloister Bells
2120R12AWilliam Tell Tyrolean Chorus Rossini
2128R12AGeneva, Schottische
2144R12AThe Darkie's Dream
2155R12AKing Cotton March
2159R12AUnder the Double Eagle March
2196R12AWaltz Entertaining
2216R12AMarching Thro' Cuba
2232R12AOld Glory is Waving
2244R12ABreak the News to Mother
2262R12AAngel's Serenade Legende Valaque
2286R12AWhistling Rufus
2303R12AHands Across the Sea
2312R12ASmokey Mokes Cake Walk
2359R12AGood Bye Dolly Gray
2365R12AMy Wild Irish Rose
2370R12ACavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo
2378R12AThe Mockingbird March
2381R12AWhere is My Wandering Boy Tonight
2397R12AOh! Oh! Miss Phoebe
2407R12AI Wants to Be the Leading Lady
2457R12ARule Britannia
2683R12AThe First Nowell
2722R12AGeorgsmarsch Military March
12000R12ABritish Patrol

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